Mailchimp Changes for Free Accounts- What you need to know

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Firstly and most importantly

As a free  account holder, you’ll still have access to some functions, but these are definitely more limited. At this stage it looks like Mailchimp won’t be removing what is already set up in your free account.


The limit is still up to 2,000 subscribers, however Mailchimp is now including active subscribers, non-subscribers and unsubscribes in the total count ,therefore it will be quicker to reach the 2000 subscriber limit.

You have until June 15 to clear out or archive this data.

Learn about the types of subscribers HERE


Free account holders may only have one audience (list)

Best practice is to have only one audience (list ) for all your subscribers and use tags and groups to segment and differentiate your audience.

Read More HERE


Free accounts will only be able to access eight basic templates to create new campaigns. 


No longer available on the free account.You can no longer do an automation that contains more than one email. Learn how to create post-send actions which will enable you to trigger new emails to a tag or group.

Learn how this works –HERE


A/B split testing is no longer available on free accounts

Advanced Scheduling is not available


Multiple users are no longer available with the free account unless registered as an agency.

There you have it my simple version of  recent Mailchimp changes and how it affects free account holders.

Hoping this helps cut through the confusion. Please share if you found this valuable. 

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